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Door Supervision

Door Supervision in Cornwall

Infinitus Security supply door supervision services throughout Cornwall and the South West. Our staff are fully trained in customer service and conflict management, and are hired for their communication skills, presentation and professionalism as well as their previous security experience.

All of our door security staff are fully vetted to British Standard BS7858:2012 and have a street-smart, welcoming nature.

Our SIA Licensed Door Supervisors understand the psychology of dealing with people, and are able to respond with an appropriate and even handed amount of control, so patrons leave the premises in good spirits.

Security Services including Door Supervision
SIA Approved Contractor & ISO9001 Accredited

Our Door Supervisors are trustworthy, professional, fully trained and vetted.

The Main Duties of a Door Supervisor

Door Supervisors are employed to ensure an enjoyable experience in a safe environment for all your customers.

Infinitus Security Door Supervisors usually work in teams of two or more, depending on the size of the venue. One of their main duties is to ascertain the suitability of people coming into the venue; they are authorised by the venue’s management and licensing law to refuse entry to anyone they consider unsuitable.

Door supervisors are often the first and last point of contact with the public. Our staff will present themselves as an ambassador for your business and portray the image you would want to see when arriving.

Door Security duties include:

• Managing crowds to ensure a smooth entry into your venue

• Collecting tickets from patrons coming in

• Providing customer service

• Providing local information for visitors

• Patrolling inside and outside the venue, monitoring people's behaviour and dealing with conflict

• Dealing with accidents and emergencies

• Supervising people as they leave the building

• Co-operating with statutory authorities, key partners and venue management.